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Pet Exams


Pet Exams at Clifton Park Veterinarian Clinic in Ballston Lake


At Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic our veterinarians provide comprehensive pet exams for your furry friends. Learn what goes into a pet exam with our Ballston Lake veterinarians, what type of pets we see, and how our vets provide high-quality pet care.


Pet Exams With Our Ballston Lake Vet

The foundation of wellness care, our dog exam and cat exam are perfect for pets of all ages. Our veterinarians know what to look for at every stage of life. By having your pet’s health checked regularly, you can help us keep your pet in good health and treat diseases early on.

If you have a new kitty or puppy, we will watch for proper development, vaccinate on a schedule, and offer pet behavioral and wellness tips. Rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, and other vaccinations are an important part of keeping pets healthy. In New York, it is even legally required that your pet be vaccinated for rabies.

During adulthood, we are here for any concerns you have, such as pet weight loss, pet behavior, or anything else. When your pet becomes a senior we can watch for age-related health conditions.

We have flea and tick medication that can help keep your pets healthy all year long. Look to us for low cost flea, tick, and heartworm oral or topical medication. It’s important to administer these medications, as these pests cause health problems for your pets – and may irritate you too. We can also provide special pet diet food.

Our veterinarians will pass on tips that can help you care for your pet all year long. Look to us for advice on nutrition, exercise, pet safety, pet proofing your home, and integrating new pets into your household. If you have any questions about dog or cat behavior, we are here to help out.

We leave time during every veterinarian exam to check your pet’s health, discuss anything unusual we find, and answer any questions you may have. If you seek a responsive, caring, and compassionate veterinarian who will treat your pets like they are our own, then you will enjoy our veterinary clinic.


See a Ballston Lake Veterinarian Today

Has it been a while since your pet has seen us for an exam? We recommend that adult pets have annual exams and that senior pets be seen every 6 months. We welcome pets and their owners from Ballston Lake and the surrounding communities, which include Malta and Clifton Park.

We accept pets for examinations during our open hours. To schedule your pet an exam with our veterinarian in Ballston Lake, please use the appointment form on our website or call 518-877-7481 today.