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Pet Dental Care


Pet Dental Care in Ballston Lake


Feline and canine dental care are an important part of ensuring that your pet’s overall health and wellness is the best it can be. Many people mistakenly believe that dry kibble is enough to a keep pet’s teeth healthy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it does help, it is should not be relied on as the sole source of your pet’s dental care. Our Ballston Lake veterinarian offers quality pet dental care for both cats and dogs. We know that your pet is an important part of your family and their health and wellness is your priority.


Pet Dental Exams with our Ballston Lake Veterinarian

Healthy teeth and gums are just as crucial for pets as they are for humans. Having your pet’s mouth examined for signs of tartar build up, gum disease, and other oral health issues is a crucial part of preventative care. Often, oral disease conditions can be quite painful; even though your pet is unable to communicate with you that they are experiencing pain. Our experienced veterinarian can evaluate your pet’s teeth and gums to determine which oral health services may be necessary. Our Ballston Lake vet is also able to use general and local anesthesia during these visits to keep your pet comfortable and pain-free.


Routine Preventative Cleanings

Plaque builds up on a dog or cat’s teeth much in the same way as a human’s teeth. When left untreated, it can turn into hard tartar that cannot be brushed off. For dogs and cats that have tartar, a dental scaling is recommended. Dental scaling is part of routine preventative cleanings and can help prevent other serious problems such as oral infections and even systemic diseases, including cardiovascular or digestive problems. By booking an appointment for a routine preventative cleaning with our veterinarian for your pet, you can be confident that your pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy throughout their lifetime.



In some cases, a tooth extraction is necessary. An extraction is typically indicated when a tooth has become decayed or the surrounding tissues have become severely inflamed or infected. Our veterinarian places pets under general anesthesia and uses local anesthesia to keep dogs and cats comfortable and safe while an extraction takes place. Removing decayed or infected teeth is critical to the overall oral health of your pet.


Come Visit our Ballston Lake Veterinarian Today!

At Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic, we take excellent care of your pet and do our absolute best to make them as comfortable as possible during their dental hygiene visit. We use anesthesia for each dental exam and cleaning in order to ensure that your pet is relaxed and safe, and to ensure each procedure can be completed successfully. Our Ballston Lake veterinarian completes a pre-anesthesia visit to confirm that your pet is able to be anesthetized. After the procedure, most pets are awake within 15-20 minutes once the anesthesia is stopped.

Visit Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic today to learn more about your pet’s dental health and to book an appointment for an exam or routine cleaning. When you come to pick up your furry friend, you’ll love their bright new smile!


Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic Dental FAQs

Good dental hygiene prolongs and improves a pet’s life. For gentle and efficient pet dental care in the Ballston Lake area, you can count on Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic. In addition to Ballston Lake and Clifton Park, NY, we serve Malta.

Pet owners often have a number of questions about pet dental exams and procedures. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).


What are pet dentals?

Pet dentals begin with initial exams that include discussion of home dental care. Depending on any problems noted, the veterinarian may suggest dental cleaning and, perhaps, extractions of cracked or decayed teeth.


Do dogs and cats need to have their teeth cleaned and how often?

Yes. Dental cleanings should occur at least once a year to remove tartar resulting from plaque hardening on teeth. Plaque is a sticky film formed by mouth bacteria mixing with food proteins.


Why is it necessary to remove tartar from dog and cat teeth?

Tartar can cause gum disease, which makes your pet’s mouth painful and may discourage eating. It can cause dangerous bacteria to migrate to your pet’s heart and digestive systems.


Why is anesthesia necessary during pet dentals?

For the safety and comfort of both pet and provider, anesthesia is required for dental procedures. General anesthesia allows for painful procedures to be done with no discomfort, and allows for protection of the airway and lungs during the procedure.


Can I prevent plaque build up if I brush my pet’s teeth? How can I do it and how often?

Yes. Pets benefit from regular tooth brushing. Some owners brush pet teeth daily, but even a few times a week is helpful. However, avoid using the kind of brush or toothpaste that you would use to brush your own teeth. Pets need smaller, much softer brushes and specially formulated toothpastes that won’t irritate their digestive system. Your vet can offer suggestions.


Can I avoid dentals by feeding my pet dry food?

No. Dry food may minimize tartar but doesn’t eliminate it. However, a well-formulated dry food and appropriate chew toys are part of good dental health for pets.


How do I schedule a pet dental?

Ballston Lake pet dental work at Clifton Park Clinic begins with an oral health exam. Your first step is to contact our clinic for this initial meeting by calling us at 518-877-7481 or setting an appointment online. Once a veterinarian determines work to be done, you can set an appointment for any cleaning or extractions that are necessary.


Where is your clinic located, and when are you open?

Although called Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic, we are located at 379 Ushers Road in Ballston Lake. At the bottom of all our web pages, you’ll find a map and a link to directions. We’re open Monday through Saturday at 8:30 am. Closing hours vary and are listed on our contact page. We look forward to meeting you and helping your pet have the happiest, healthiest life possible.