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Microchipping in Ballston Lake


If you’re wondering whether or not to microchip your pet, here’s some stats that will likely help you make that decision. The American Humane Association reports that about 10 million cats and dogs are lost or stolen every year. One in three pets will become lost at some time during their lifespan. The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association confirms a high rate of return for pets who are microchipped. Only 22 percent of lost dogs in animal shelters are reunited with their owners. However, this percentage jumps to over 52 percent with pet michrochipping. Less than 2 percent of cats are reunited with their families, but this figure is dramatically higher with cats who have a microchip; it increases to over 38 percent.

The pet microchip is a product of our high-tech age. It’s about the size of a grain of rice, and pets are enrolled in a pet recovery database to find their way back home. It’s high-tech protection that can prevent heartbreak. With just a one time injection, you’ll never have to worry about your furry companion wandering around the unknown. There isn’t a veterinarian on the planet who doesn’t recommend microchipping your pet in Ballston Lake or anywhere else. Just ask any vet!


Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic: Your Ballston Lake Veterinarian for Microchipping and More!

Turn to Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic as your Ballston Lake veterinarian for microchipping your pet. Our staff at Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic wants to ensure that you have many years with your four-legged companion. Outdoor cats are well known for their roaming excursions, cats in heat can dash out of the front door and dogs notoriously dig holes to escape fences. In a second, your pet can be long gone. Our pet microchips include lifetime registration and are ISO compliant.

Make Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic your choice veterinarian in Ballston Lake. Our veterinarian will use a needle to insert a little chip, typically between the shoulder blades. The chip has a unique number that can be scanned and put into a database. The injection just takes seconds. It takes more time to fill out the paperwork than it does to implant a microchip.

Protect your pet and give us a call today at 518-877-7481 to schedule an appointment to microchip your pet, or for one of our other veterinary services..