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Feline Boarding


Feline Boarding in Ballston Lake


Whenever you’re going out of town or taking that much-needed vacation, it can be worrisome when it comes to who’s going to take care of your furry feline friend when you’re gone. Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic is the veterinarian to turn to for your feline boarding in Ballston Lake. Our boarding staff loves cats and will help yours feel right at home. Our Ballston Lake pet boarding facilities are very clean and closely monitored. Since we don’t want to disrupt your cat’s digestive system or regular routine, we recommend bringing your cat’s favorite foods. If your cat does need medication, we do charge a nominal fee for administration.

Our caring staff will give your cat one-on-one attention and do everything possible to keep your cat on the same routine as you’ve established at home. Take off for that weekend getaway or two-week vacation in the Bahamas with total peace of mind when you have your pet stay at our Ballston Lake veterinary clinic. If your pet gets sick, they will be provided immediate veterinarian medical attention.


Boarding With Our Ballston Lake Veterinarians

When you board your cat in Ballston Lake, you won’t have to inconvenience friends or family or hire a pet sitter. If you do take your pet with you when you travel, you’ll likely have to keep an eye on them, as they are masterful escape artists. Instead, let our staff at Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic take care of your cat for you, so you can take care of business or just have fun during your getaway. We’ll monitor their behavior and eating habits to ensure that they are happy.

Still unsure about boarding in Ballston Lake? We invite you to our vet facilities to take a tour of our kennels. Our staff will show you around so you can feel confident about leaving your companion with us. Otherwise, give us a call at 518-877-7481 to make arrangements for your kitty.